The Future Of Journalism


REPORTING- Independent Journalist. Will cover stories for TV, Radio, Newspapers, Websites and produce finished product.  Also available for field producing for breaking news, enterprise stories and documentaries.

WORKSHOPS- Video News Story Production.   For broadcast, cable, internet and/or mobile news operations.  Led 5-day workshops at CNN for 9 years, training some 250 employees.  Week-long, multiple days or half days.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING- One-On-One Personal Instruction  in Journalism, Video Storytelling, News Packages, Presentation Skills.  Can be conducted in person, on telephone or via Skype.

INDIVIDUAL CRITIQUES- One-On-One Critiquing  of video, digital, newspaper or Twitter news reporting.  Single critiques or Multiple critique packages available.

CLASSROOM TEACHING- Junior High or High school units  on how to evaluate what you read and see on the internet. What is true?  What is commentary or opinion?